Website Development Packages

To get started

First pick a website package and let us know exactly what you want and we will confirm if what you want fits that package.
Then once we approve, please pay the first 50% of the package costs by clicking on the Buy Now button under each package.

Note: All content must be provided. Pictures can be selected from copyright-free sites.
Note: All packages require an initial payment and annual payment of $25 / year per website domain if available (for example, However, if a website domain is taken, then either the domain can be purchased at an auction rate decidable by the seller (and then $25 / year thereafter), or it may not be purchasable at all. If it is un-purchasable, we will provide a list of other domain recommendations to pick from.

Additional domains can be purchased as well, and pointed to the main website domain. This is good for various spellings of the organization name.

Package 1 : $250

(pay 50% up front)

Package includes:
• Website setup from content provided
• Home page slide show (3 images with captions)
• 3 pages
• Standard Contact Us form
• Standard quality template
Example: (has all of the above)

Package 2 : $350

(pay 50% up front)

Package includes all of the above + these items:
• Multi-language setup
• Premium template selection
Example: (has premium template and multi-language setup)

Package 3 : $450

(pay 50% up front)

Package includes all of the above + these items:
• Blog set up
• World map
• Email subscriptions setup
Example: (has has premium template and Blog) ( has Blog, World Map, Email Subscriptions)

Additional Hours Package : $250

Additional hours gives you 7 hours of custom development work for additional features or your specific needs.
Additional features can include:
• Ecommerce set up
• Changing button colors
• Trendy Look

All for $250. More features will require more hours.

Example: (has Ecommerce set up and changed button colors) (has Trendy Look)


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