Webapps (s)

Web Apps (using ASP.NET)

App Cost Estimator

A sample ASP.NET web app to help estimate the cost of Apps.

You can find it here.


Decision Maker Helper

Another ASP.NET web app to help people make decisions by weighing the pros and cons more systematic. 

You can find it here. 


Accident Prevention Reports

An ASP.NET web app to help friends learn from other people’s mistakes on how accidents occur so that they can be a safer driver on the road.

You can find it here.

accident prev

Web App (with Database connectivity)

MapWise: Admin View

ASP.NET with SQL Server connectivity – Policy Wisdom

Click here for the link to the website! To access the website, please contact us to walk you through it. Thanks!

1 admin functions

MapWise: Countries Editor

2 countries

MapWise: Processes Editor

3 processes

MapWise: Details Editor

4 details


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