Amazing scientific facts which glorify God of the Universe!

Here are scientific facts I’ve been learning over the years which glorify God that blew my mind away (and still does)!

Our Body:
Has 10 to 37 trillion cells!

Our brain:
Has 100 billion neurons (cells)!

Our eye: 

Each eye’s retina contains roughly 95 million rods and cones (photoreceptor cells) for vision

Light travels approx 180,000 miles per SECOND.
Light travels approx 670 MILLION miles per hour

180,000 miles is the distance of traveling around the Earth 8 times! Light travels that distance (8 times around the Earth) in ONE second! (that is, if using fiber optics, otherwise it’ll just escape into space really fast)

If we were to drive by car around the Earth 8 times, NON-stop, 24 hours per day, at 100 MPH, that would take us 2.5 months to travel. Light travels that distance in ONE SECOND!
If we were to take breaks and travel 12 hours per day at 100 MPH (with zero traffic lights and stops), it would take us 5 months to travel! Again, light travels that distance in ONE SECOND!

The Earth:
The Earth travels around the Sun at 66,000 miles per hour!
The Earth spins on its axis at the speed of 1,000 miles per hour! There is no way to go the opposite direction of the spin and beat the Earth’s spin with a car or an airplane. Even with a supersonic airplane.

The Sun:
The the corona (the outer part of the Sun) is 1 million+ degrees Fahrenheit!
The Sun is a MILLION times larger than the Earth! So you can fit 1 million Earths inside the Sun!

The largest star known:
UY Scuti is the largest star in the known universe, at 1,700 times larger than the Sun!

The mass of the most massive object in space:
NGC 1277’s blackhole has the mass (not size) of 17 billion suns!! Wow!!!!

The number of known galaxies in the Universe:
100 billion galaxies!

The known average number of stars per galaxy:
100 billion stars!

The known number of stars in the Universe (doing the math above):
1e22 or
Approx 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 known stars! (22 zeros!)

How Awesome is Our God!!!

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