When Shouldn’t You Answer a Question?

Here is a nice little newsletter talking about how to respond to a prospect who asks you a question that seems obscure.

Thanks Sandler!

A seemingly “hot prospect” asks you a question that seems to signal interest in working with you. (For example: “How strict are you with quantity discounts?”) You’ve been taught to respond immediately to “buying signals,” and you’re sure you just got one. So you answer the question – at length and with sufficient thoroughness to resolve all past, present, or future ambiguity on the subject. Your contact nods and smiles. Then, for some mysterious reason, your “hot prospect” disengages.

Click here for more: http://www.absolute.sandler.com/content/show/122873

Refresh Miami Demo Day

Hello all, I went to this event yesterday with my significant other. Great ideas and presentations. I really enjoyed the challenges that the start ups each tackle, from utility apps to apps connecting models with clients. I paid extra attention to the confidence when the speakers spoke. Some of the presenters amazingly kept their cool in the line of questions the judges thrown at them. Good job guys!

Looking forward to the next Refresh Event. Thanks Brian and Peter for putting these together!

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