A reflection on ChatGPT and AI and how to deal with them in this era of technology

It’s been more than 2 years since my last article on intelligence and what is true AI.

Since the debut of ChatGPT in late 2022, it is remarkable to see AI really shine its power (and horror) among billions of people around the world.

There is much to write about this topic since it has far-reaching ramifications across all industries (nowadays), and not just the tech and gaming industry.

Some of the topics I hope to cover are the following (not in any strict order or in any strict modular basis):

  • What to do with job loss and how to mitigate the problem and take advantage of AI instead of fearing it
  • How exactly can we train non-technical workers in AI, for any field?
  • Why ChatGPT is true AI and other software are not (aka, machine learning) (the distinction between the two) (a continuation of the previous article)
  • The rise of AI related jobs and AI empowered jobs
  • The future of work, products, and entertainment. The supply and demand principle and the free market
  • The future of builders and construction workers and automated house printing
  • The distinction between natural human intelligence and AI, and why the two should stay separate
  • Why human intelligence will always have a distinct advantage over AI
  • How to safely and properly work with AI (sensitive data, business data)
  • Why central AI is a big problem for everyone who is not careful with it
  • Why the future of AI should be decentralization (and how it may follow the footsteps of central computers)
  • The two classes of people in terms of technical knowledge and how they relate and deal with AI
  • The two classes of people in terms of religion and practice and how they relate and deal with AI
  • The problem of unconstrained AI
  • The problem of AI and its citizenship (think Saudi Arabia)
  • AI and national security (and why some job functions just cannot be automated)
  • The problem of AI “Replica” (friend bots) and loneliness

These are all very important topics, and religion plays a big part in much of the topics, directly and indirectly, as will be seen. I hope to get the time to cover much of them and provide some interesting insights, from the perspective of a computer programmer. These thoughts and reflections are only that, opinions, and thus should not be taken as authoritative. However, let the arguments speak for themselves.

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned!

*Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay